Ludovico Einaudi – Berlin Song (2009)

A while back, I was trying to source a clip from the Channel 4 Television series This is England ’86 which aired at the end of last summer. At the climax of the second episode there was a heart wrenching montage set to this stunning piece by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi whose spare, evocative piano compositions were used throughout the series.

The programme, a spin off from Shane Meadows’ 2007 film This is England was a bit hit and miss with the second episode, directed by Meadows himself proving to be the most satisfying capped off with a superbly edited sequence showing us a succession of candid moments which slowly unveiled some disturbing truths with grace and clarity, revealing what goes on behind closed curtains; when the laughter stops and you’re mates aren’t around. That time when the night falls, the streetlights go on and you have to go home and face up to some hard realizations.