>Lost in Translation (2003) Dir: Sofia Coppola

And so it is with some regret that I must now bring the final-ish curtain down on this series which is partly due to a lack of imagination at the moment on the part of yours truly but I feel that it is time to give this series a bit of a breather, try out some new ideas and it will return in some other form in the future. Number 50 is perfect number to finish up with I think and I think the clip chosen is appropriately poignant.

Yes, conceitedness, pomposity and arrogance are still part of my make up and will continue to live on in future writings and ruminations. I hope you’ve enjoyed numbers 1 through 50. To conclude, here is one of my favourite experiences in any form of the past decade, one that sent shivers of pleasure, sadness and joy through my miserable soul and a defining example of why I love cinema and why I felt compelled to start writing these posts in the first instance.

A heart wrenching farewell; subtle, touching, real and raised to heights of woozy romanticism by the fuzzy Spector-esque noise pop of the Mary Chain. Sublime.

And then I turned to her and I said…nothing. She felt my hand and I could sense her warmth and joy. There was nowhere else to be at that moment. There and then caught in a brilliant illusion. We believed.

Note: In Italian as English version was taken down by request so apologies for those who clicked on the post only to find nothing.