>Wild at Heart (1990)

Is the record is getting stuck? Well, think of this entry as a remix of sorts and whereas the previous entry discussing David Lynch and Blue Velvet focused almost exclusively on the deeper, darker more Freudian aspects of the human psyche -specifically that scene’s jarring, nightmarish tone in which the openhearted innocence of youth has it’s face rubbed in the filth and cold hearted corruption of adulthood- this clip from Wild at Heart, Lynch’s outrageous, postmodern Wizard of Oz feels a lot more hopeful.

Again, within this scene there is a similar conflict. Sexed up lovers on the run Sailor (Nicolas Cage) and Lula (Laura Dern) seem to inhabit their own pop culture inflected fantasia, high on each other and their own reckless romanticism. Concurrently, the actual world they inhabit is twisted, disturbed, loveless where evil – in the movie personified by Dianne Ladd as Lula’s psychotic mother Marietta aka The Wicked Witch – seems to hiding just below the surface ready to swallow our two wide eyed protagonists up, chew ’em up then spit them back out.

This reality seeps through the car radio as Lula trying in vain to find some music is instead assaulted with a depressing barrage of news bulletins describing all manner of human depravity and destruction forcing her to pull the car over whereupon Lynch and cinematographer Frederick Elme’s beautifully realize the unpredictable adrenaline rush of young love.

Fueled by the inner extremities; their anger, rage , yearning and passion as incandescent as the sunrise framing their impromptu mating dance, the unfocused violence of their movements in response to the pulverizing speed metal of Powermad’s “Slaughterhouse” ceding to a tableau of studied rapture as the soundtrack cross fades perfectly into the glorious orchestral strains of  Richard Strauss’“Im Abendrot” (Four Last Songs).