Someone Great (2007)
All My Friends (2007)

Get Innocuous (2005)

“Hierarchy, by it’s nature establishes boundaries between people- who can go where, who can approach whom, who is welcome and who is not. Festivity breaks the boundaries down.” – Barbara Ehrenreich, Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy

Time marches on, friends & lovers come and go, governments fall, markets fluctuate, seasons change, people struggle. We all struggle to reconcile who we are with our environment; it’s economic, political and emotional components. A sense of self is sometimes achieved and at other times we are thrown into utter confusion by forces we try to understand and wrestle with on a daily basis.

But one simple revelation comes to me no and again and it’s nothing new, it’s ancient, everybody knows it instinctively, I’m stating the bleeding obvious but one glorious truth is one hundred percent certain and that is simple, joyful power of music on a crowd of people. How it can eradicate or at least temporarily keep the ego at bay, transfix one into a trance one can maybe only experience through imbibing black market substances of dubious legality or in the tried and tested method of religious/spiritual meditation.

I mention this in relation to having attended a concert by LCD Soundsystem a couple of days ago in Dublin and remembering how much fun I could and how much exhilaration could be felt throughout a packed venue where everybody left their problems and woes at the door and projected their feelings onto the musicians who in return played out of their skins and communicated a genuine appreciation of the hothouse atmosphere.

The sense of being alive within those two hours is so acute, so beautiful even as you realize afterward maybe your dancing-sweaty faced, knees and elbows, oh-so pouty floundering- was not quite as cool as you thought they were in those moments that once it shuts down, you are left in what can only be described as a euphoric daze. And then you think to yourself or maybe out loud to a few simpaticos- why isn’t life a daily, Dionysian orgy of celebration and ecstacy? But then, who would do the laundry and such? It’s the sharp relief, the contrast that hits you right in the face, pumps up your heart and lifts you up.

Too caught up to take any photographs or video images, i find this disruptive to my overall enjoyment of such an event as well as being potentially ruinous to my dancin mojo, here are officially sanctioned music video samples of James Murphy & crew with their particular brand of modern,self aware,big hearted groove laden dance rock fusing some of the best of the 70’s/80’s; Talking Heads, New Order, Kraftwerk, Human League, Can, Suicide etc.