>I Turn My Camera On (2005)

The Ghost of You Lingers (2007)

Out Go The Lights (2010)

It used to be you could keep a band secret, have them all to yourself. That’s nigh on impossible in this information age as technology has made every type of music, from the mainstream to the obscure readily available to listen to or share online with nary a click. Even if an artist should be reluctant to sell themselves or their work, somebody somewhere will find a way of disseminating their work digitally.

Now this isn’t the case with Spoon, who hail from Austin. Texas and have built up a cult but not quite mainstream following in the States over the past decade. They’ve had top 10 albums, appearances on late night talk shows, songs featured on television and movie soundtracks, consistently strong reviews but yet they appears to be ignored on this side of the Atlantic.

Now I could be completely wrong about that, seeing as I don’t really follow chart placings and sales too much and in my thirties, feel only a need to cater to my own particular tastes and ignore current musical trends for the most part so I may have my head in the cultural sand a wee bit.

But, I’m pretty certain that Spoon have never played Ireland, certainly not in the four years I’ve been listening to their output. I think London is the closest they’ve come. Why aren’t they more well known around these parts?

Anyway, it’s a shame as they make sparse, tight, raw garage rock, with generous hints of dance funk and new wave; white boy dance rock that of you will, music for the hips, head & heart.

Addendum: What the f**k? They are playing in Dublin November 18th it turns out? Jesus,my head has been in the sand.