>The National- Bloodbuzz Ohio(2010)

The best track off of their latest High Violet album which to be honest I found slightly underwhelming compared to their previous long players, especially Alligator (2005) and Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers (2003). Its a fine album, moody, literate, melancholy but the epic sound of it all is a bit overdone. The subtleties of the production on their other records seemed to be lost, swamped by what I felt to be excessive reverb. On top of this, though each song is finely crafted , a lot of the songs sounded very similar at least tonally whereas before the band seemed to be able to conjure up different variations on their sound within an album. However, griping aside this is one of their best tunes, a propulsive ode to where the heart lies and complete with a simple, classy video with lead singer Matt Berninger doing his best torch singer impression.