Outdoor Miner(1979)
I am the Fly (1978)

I Tried in vain to source videos for these two tracks from a unique English band with a career now spanning more than 30 years.

A is loveliness distilled; enigmatic lyrics, spare production and a lilting, soothing, gentle rhythm and sound throughout, wistful, bucolic, eccentric pop.

Exhibit B was released a year later and couldn’t be more different in terms of it’s mood. Agitated,irritable, nervous, spiky, ‘I am the Fly’ is leftover punk bile meeting post punk adventurousness if you will. Anger, attitude and intelligence coming together to create a finely honed, strange angular beast of a tune. You can dance to it, analyze it or do both at the same time. The guitars and vocals are sharper as broken glass, they want to cut, dig deep and unsettle you.

And how did they do this? Create these two sublime singles, three brilliant albums (Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, 154) from a three year period that would influence several generation of bands and musicians? With a combination of precision,intellect and most essentially- mystery.

I could be right. I could be wrong.