A little break from the movies. I was fortunate enough to obtain a free ticket (thanks to the kindness of friends) to see the legendary Damo Suzuki (ex- Can vocalist) play with local post rock band The Jimmy Cake in Crawdaddy last night. The diminutive Japanese musical shaman, now 60 though his energy levels would suggest that of a man half his age gave a storming vocal performance channelling the Krautrock like force of his backing musicians.

The sounds churned and drove relentlessly, fearlessly – creating a musical miasma  that turned the tiny venue into a church of the cosmos, stripping he audience of their worries and egos for an hour and  a half. And I also got to shake Mr Suzuki’s hand as he lept off the stage.

I’ve posted an excerpt of the performance above. It was recorded on my fuji photo camera so the sound and image is far from perfect, in fact it sucks. But I’ve also posted a few vintage performances of Suzuki performing with Can below so you can compare and contrast an just listen to some great music from one of the key experimental rock bands of the past forty years.

Have fun.