As a stark contrast to yesterdays post, a brief yet electrifying scene from David Lynch’s ’21st Century Noir” Lost Highway from 1997. Lynch will feature quite regularly in this series as he possesses an unerring talent for combining sound and image, especially when it comes to choosing the right piece of music to suit the mood of a particular scene.

Here, time stops as young, studly mechanic Pete Drayton (Balthazar Getty) notices Alice, the alluring mistress of his psychotic boss Mr Eddy. In loving slow motion we watch Patricia Arquette; blond wig and scarlet lips slink her way into a shiny black Cadillac. Their eyes meet and Lou Reed lets rip with a feverish cover of Doc Pomus and Mort Schuman’s ‘This Magic Moment‘. As we lose ourselves in the hormonal rush and cornball romanticism of the moment, we know that we and Drayton are doomed.

But he can’t help himself. He’s already in a dream. Why not enjoy it? To hell with the consequences. And we get lost in there with him, hypnotized by this sultry vision. And Lynch knows us too well, pushing the archetypes of rock and roll, femme fatales, gangsters, guns and cars to their limit. Makes me feel fifteen again.

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