It appears Oscar nominated writer/director Tony Gilroy has decided to follow up his acclaimed 2007 drama Michael Clayton with a more lighthearted look at corporate shenanigans with this comedy/thriller/comedy hybrid. Julia Roberts and Clive Owen play two corporate spies and former lovers who team up to pull off a con on their shady bosses (Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson).

The trailer emanates a relaxed, sophisticated, mildly sexy vibe with Owen and Roberts trading flirtatious quips throughout, displaying an easy on-screen chemistry. Of course it may have helped that these two actors have worked together before to great emotional effect as dysfunctional lovers in Mike Nichols 2004 drama Closer.

Giamatti and Wilkinson appear to be playing two corporate overlords at odds with one another over a top secret ‘product‘ with Owen and Roberts as an ex MI6 and CIA agent respectively playing them off against one another. Owen, always a watchable and charismatic presence comes off best here with Roberts coming off as flat and uninspired in terms of her line delivery.

She seems to have had a charisma bypass for the most part in recent years and whatever sex appeal she may have had seems to have vanished although that may be just a personal opinion as i’ve never really got why she became such a huge star when here older brother Eric was clearly the more talented actor n the family.

However, maybe the coldness she displays here is appropriate for the role and may work in the overall context of the movie and with such a distinguished cast, this could be a classy and smart caper of the like we very rarely see nowadays.